Drive your global business growth with’s Shopify plugin. Target global consumers with Shopify’s digital commerce platform.
Take your blog global with’s WordPress plugin. Offer users across the globe your content translated into their native language.
Integrate our Website Localizer with AngularJS to create great multilingual web applications.
The Translate integration for Facebook is a translation bot that will translate your chats in realtime.
Design something users will love with’s Drupal plugin. With Drupal’s open source software, users can create website and applications in multiple languages that resonates with global users.
Zendesk, now available on’s Apps Marketplace, is the leading global customer service solution. Automatically translate support tickets in real-time to interact with global customers in their native language.
Connect with users globally, by integrating our Website Localizer with your Tumblr page. Share short form media and blog posts with global users.
Global users can now connect on phpBB via’s plugin. phpBB offers users a free and open source bulletin board software.
Create a website with Joomla’s user friendly platform. With’s plugin, you’ll have the ability to create beautiful, mobile ready, multilingual websites.
With’s WooCommerce plugin, users now have access to managing multilingual stores and websites through the world’s most popular ecommerce platform. Sell anything, anywhere, to a global consumer base.
With Ember, users have a framework for creating web applications.’s Ember integration allows users to create great, multilingual websites with a fraction of the code.
Communicate with global customers by integrating our Website Localizer on your Freshdesk portal pages.
Integrate's Website Localizer with your Backbone.js web application to grow your global audience with automatically translated content.
Easily automate the translation of your documents, websites and communication with customers, using Zap's. .
Instapage users looking to grow their global audience can now do so with’s Instapage integration. Gain higher conversions with multilingual audiences by offering landing pages in their native language.
Create and manage your multilingual website with the Squarespace integration.
Build your consumer base globally by integrating your BigCommerce site with the Website Localizer. Gain traffic and create conversions through multilingual product descriptions and pricing. Explore new regions, and allow local consumers the opportunity to interact with your site.
With’s ReadMe integration, user’s now have access to beautiful, multilingual documentation. Interact with ReadMe’s crowdsourced community in whichever language you chose.
Drive your global business growth with’s Magento plugin. Target global consumers with Magento’s digital commerce platform.
Help Scout
Give global consumers customers a delightful support experience by integrating our Website Localizer with Help Scout. Real human translations allow users to assist customers in their native language.
Creating a high conversion, multilingual landing page has never been easier. Pagewiz users now have an easy and effective way to market to global users through’s Pagewiz integration.
olusion allows users to create a store online with a simple and consolidated, ecommerce software solution. Expand your sales globally by offering product details and descriptions in your customer’s native language.
Webflow’s Webflow integration enables users to create multilingual websites, without the technical expertise to write code.
Translate’s Lander integration will enable you to create beautiful, multilingual landing pages. Engage with global consumers and gain higher conversions with Lander’s landing page templates.
Build a website or blog and launch it globally. With’s Jimdo integration, users are able to create beautiful websites or blogs in multiple languages.
Yola’s Yola integration allows users to create a free, multilingual website. Create and connect with global web users regardless of design or technical expertise.
Build better products, and offer multilingual customer support.’s UserVoice integration allows users to grow and keep users through translating customer inquiries and support agent responses.
Create a beautiful, multilingual website in minutes, with’s Strikingly integration. Connect with global web users, zero code or design skills necessary.
With’s Weebly plugin, create a multilingual online store, blog, or website effortlessly. Take your brand global with Weebly’s drag and drop web builder and’s easy to install plugin.
HubSpot’s Hubspot integration now allows users to approach sales and marketing with a global oriented approach. Engage with potential consumers and create conversions with multilingual support, social and content.
SpaceCraft’s Spacecraft integration now gives users a better way to build a website. With a variety of templates to chose from, creating a multilingual website has never been easier.
With’s integration, communicate your site’s status in multiple languages. Offer updates on your website’s status to keep global users informed in their native language.
With’s Unbounce integration, users can build, publish, and A/B test multilingual landing pages. Build, optimize and test your landing page, offered in your consumers’ native language.
Website Localizer
With Website Localizer, customers will experience automated translations and significantly reduced project timeframes. Simply copy and paste’s 1-line code into the HTML of your website and receive your translations within minutes.
Build a global, community website with’s vBulletin plugin. Allow global users to connect and communicate with quick, high quality translations.
GoGlobal API’s GoGlobal API is a simplistic way to translate large volumes of content. GoGlobal allows external applications to order human translations for text content, enabling businesses to integrate a multilingual content strategy with ease.
Online Order Form
Need your text translated ASAP?’s Online Order Form allows you to copy and paste text for an effortless ordering process.
Translate incoming customer support cases and agent replies with the Translate App for!
Automatically receive machine translations of customer’s messages and reply with human translations. Communicate in your customer’s native language without ever having to leave your Desk Agent View.
WP Engine
Take your blog global with’s WP Engine WordPress plugin. Offer users across the globe your content translated into their native language.
Salesforce Service Cloud
Translate incoming customer support cases and agent replies with the Translate App for Salesforce Service Cloud!