Angular JS

Integrate our Website Translator with AngularJS to create great multilingual web applications.

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Angular JS provides users with the framework to create web applications. With Angular JS, users are able to use HTML as the template language, as well as extend your HTML’s syntax for clear app components. With Angular’s data binding and dependency injection, users are able to minimize the amount of code otherwise required.

Created in 2009 as a side project by developers Adam Abrons and Misko Hevery, Angular was originally intended  to serve as an end to end tool, enabling web designers to switch between frontend and backend development.

With Translate for Angular JS, users are able to create beautiful, dynamic, multilingual websites. Integrating with Angular JS allows businesses, individuals, or eCommerce websites to successfully reach and engage with global web users. Integrate today to upload content for your localized website, including photos, videos, copy, meta tags and more. Test out today to find out easy cultivating a global web presence can truly be.