How Translate API Helps Incorporate Machine and Human Translation Into Your Product

Globalization makes the business world go round. Removing language barriers between companies and customers became key in 2021. To help businesses expand in new markets and cut costs spent on hiring multilingual staff, as well as developing a proprietary translation platform from scratch, offers its automatic translation API. This software is designed to help foster eloquent and effective communication between both brands and prospective clients.

To streamline the process of translating incoming messages from customers from all over the world, a translation API can be used. It is a toolkit that empowers a company to translate multilingual content from one language into another. In addition to offering a machine translation API, services like also provide a human translate API, on-site localization, and integration with Zendesk and Shopify, for example, to ensure maximum efficiency when communicating with customers and solving day-to-day translation and localization tasks.

How an Automated Translator API Can Help Your Business?

A translate API is an instrument that enables companies to integrate a machine and human text translation software interface into their product. Such incorporation will help translate website and app content, as well as incoming customer messages within seconds. In addition, support agents will be able to provide a correct and meaningful response in a customer’s language.

A language translation API from, for example, uses machine translation to process messages from customers in over 90+ languages and a human translation in over 70+ languages to help your support reps produce a relevant response quickly. Such an approach helps companies save considerable funds spent on hiring multilingual support agents, whereas a single support rep could effectively close tickets in different languages.

From a software development point of view, quick and seamless integration of a translation API saves a large amount of time that would have otherwise been spent building such a platform from the ground up.

In 2021, with hundreds of translation platforms being currently available in the market, it may be difficult for companies to choose the right language translator API. Every company that wants to implement a multilingual functionality in their product or have a more cost-efficient customer support service should consider using a translator API., the world's No.1 machine and human translation service provider, offers a powerful, scalable API that will help you meet your translation and localization needs.

Why Choose Language Translation API From

Built with easy project integration in mind,’s API is a sustainable, customizable, and scalable translation platform that uses machine and human translation to ensure that the needs of your business are met.

Incorporating’s API translation toolkit helps streamline multilingual apps and workflows with an adequate website, application, or support tickets translation. For example, a monolingual support agent could reply to a customer’s request sent in any of the 90+ supported languages within less than one hour. Prices for subscription from only $0,03 per word on trial. $0,07 per word on a pay-as-you-go basis.


The API for translation meets high security standards. guarantees that the data is always transmitted using strong in-transit encryption standards (SSL/TLS certificates). Secure connections are used to transfer data from web forms, login screens, and upload/download capabilities.


Depending on your business goals and needs, e.g., internal or external translation, it will be possible to set up the necessary working environment and workflow using an intuitive programming interface. Developers can implement translation features right out of the box.


API translation product from is configurable and customizable. The API could be integrated into any platform, including Zendesk, Shopify, Woo Commerce, Magento, etc. Translators could be operating across any operating system and device.

Summary provides translation API supporting 90+ languages. It enables business owners and companies to streamline their internal localization and external translation workflows through scalable customization, feature-rich interface, and easy integration.

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Professional Translation Services. Fully Automated w/ API’s API allows our clients to amplify their multilingual apps and workflows with a professional translation of web content, applications, documentation, and support tickets.
Translation API
Translation API is used to send content for human and machine translation, get price quotes, check project progress, and automatically receive translated content. Our translation API can easily integrate with websites and 3rd party products to automate the translation of internal and external information, messages continuously 24/7.
Easy to set up
  1. Create a personal account on
  2. Integrate’s translation API into your application
  3. Begin translating!
Why Choose Our Translation API
By enabling their support agents to process tickets in different languages, for example, businesses can now secure a faster customer support workflow and increase customer retention by providing multilingual support. From a technical standpoint, our translation API offers extensive turn-key features, saving the time of your developers and the money for your company.
  • Leverage machine and professional human translation services to enhance your company’s internal and external translation workflows.
  • Take advantage of adequate human translation within hours to ensure ongoing content translation flow.
  • Improve customer retention and cut costs spent on hosting multilingual support.
  • Implement a multilingual functionality in your product and have a more cost-efficient customer support service.
  • Empower a single customer support agent to solve tickets in different languages.
  • Bolster on-site localization, multilingual app development, and day-to-day translation tasks.
Our Clients
Web and mobile app development company.
Applied localization automatization to streamline mob app delivery rate by 80%. Use API integration to automate the translation of mobile apps in development. Value translation speed and easy-to-use interface, as well as the availability of uncommon language pairs for translation.
Customer support and outsourcing service provider for businesses worldwide.
Cut down expenses spent on hosting multilingual support agents using translation API. Use custom Translate API integration with a ticket system to translate emails and chat messages from clients. Serving customers from all over the world, the company values reasonable prices and high quality of translations.
Global online advertising platform for media buyers, affiliates, ad networks, and publishers.
Translated content that is tailored to target distinguishing language features of a particular country is vital for the company. Translating thousands of words that are being published every week, Adcash uses’s API because of the absence of word limits, as well as a swift translation speed.
Professional presentation design agency for business owners, marketers, educators, etc.
Use translation API to increase their market share across Hispanic countries by localizing their site with Translate. The company picked Translate over other APIs because they found its translation speed and price most suitable for their localization needs.