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In-Demand Language Pairs
The number of orders is constantly growing and we need more and more translators for some increasingly popular language pairs
Highest demand
  • English - Finnish
  • English - Swedish
  • English - Norwegian
  • English - Dutch
  • English - Danish
  • English - Korean
  • English - Malay
  • German - Spanish
  • French - English (British)
  • Polish - English
  • English - Bulgarian
  • English - Thai
higher than average demand
  • English - Romanian
  • English - Polish
  • Polish - English
How Much Translator Earn?
Income varies across languages depending on customer demand and job role (translator/editor). Extra $5 for each order for certified translators.
  • Post-Machine Translation
    Avg. $15-$20 per order
  • Copy-Edit
    Avg. $10-$15 per order
  • Document Translation
    $0.02/word - with formatting
    Avg. $10-$100 per order
  • Scanned Files
    Est. $10/page
    Avg. $50-$400 per order
  • Presentations
    Est. $15/page
    Avg. $70-$500 per order
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