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"We operate on multiple foreign markets, and thus our cooperation with Translate.com has been invaluable to us. Through the very intuitive and easy to navigate website, we have always been able to Translate all of our communication and content, in an easy and cost effective manner, within a very short timeframe.

Translate.com has given us the opportunity to broaden our scope to new markets, and distribute our content to end users we would otherwise never have been able to reach.

We were quickly given a representative at Translate.com, who has been very informative and willing to help us overcome challenges with our communication and content distribution plans."

Mads Westergaard
Marketing Coordinator

"Translate.com is for us an easy way to spread the word to our international colleagues – the service is perfect for short press releases as well as our internal content such as newsletter/intranet news and so on."

Steffi Wibbeke
Corporate Content Manager

"Translate.com has transformed the way we deal with our European customer base and has allowed us to provide a far more cost effective service whilst simultaneously allowing us to have control of the responses provided to our customers.

The app for Zendesk which automatically translates everything to English together with the mobile app has been fantastic! If I’m out of the office it’s been easy to order and view translations on the move and I have the added confidence of knowing that should I have any queries there is a reliable support system in place.

The human translations we have ordered have been received quickly and are accurate and the memory database has been fantastic in allowing us to avoid paying for any duplications of translations requested.

I would strongly recommend Translate.com to any business dealing with customers globally."

Mary Boyle
Customer Service Team Leader

"We’ve had fantastic service from translate.com. Quick turnaround and quality translations for a low cost. The customer portal makes ordering translations fast and easy."

Lee Brooks
Digital Marketing Manager

"Translate.com provided LockPath complicated and contextually accurate translations for our platform interface in multiple languages in a matter of days. Providing translations to a software GUI is often a difficult chore. Sometimes context is missing and is not easy to understand.

Translate.com was able to quickly understand the problems the Keylight Platform solves in integrated risk management and governance, risk and compliance and use that knowledge to create accurate translations at a low cost.

As our platform expands and grows and our language needs grow, Translate.com will be our first choice in translation services."

Sam Abadir
Director of Product Management

"Translate.com’s turnaround time is amazing. Our content translation process has sped up significantly."

Liis Ristal
Head of Marketing

"We work with customers all over the world, and the quality of our customer support services is largely determined by the proper language we use. Our fruitful cooperation with Translate.com showed that it is possible to have high-quality, accurate, and cost-effective translating services, all in one.

We know that it makes a difference when you respond to the customer in their language. What’s more, it’s vital to respond in the proper language. With the help of Translate.com, we can provide high-end assistance and don’t worry about linguistic errors.

We trust Translate.com the translations of our emails, template responses, newsletters, website content, and more. It’s a relief to know that translations are always accurate, timely, and affordable.

As we scale and expand our services to new markets, I believe that our cooperation with Translate.com will deliver great results. I recommend these high-quality translating services to any business that wants to serve its customers all over the globe the best way."

Max Kovalov
Chief Marketing Officer

Our company provides help in creating and designing business presentations for customers all around the world. In our daily work, we frequently have to translate the content into different languages to meet our clients’ needs better. At the same time, we are highly concerned about our clients’ safety since business information is susceptible to disclosure.

Translate.com has proven to be a reliable partner that always delivers high-quality work while strictly following the NDA requirements. The company provides a useful and timely solution to all of our translation issues. With a wide range of supported languages, Translate.com provides consistently high-quality translations at a reasonable cost. They are a go-to partner for any international company of any scale in need of translation.

Timo Walters
Business Operations Manager

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