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Taking your business global and discovering new markets is an important step in diversifying revenue sources to streamline income and to be able to withstand the financial pressure caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As far as the French language goes, it’s the fifth most popular language in the world, mainly thanks to millions of people speaking it every day. Alongside France, the language is widely used in Africa, offering you lots of potential in expanding your business in fast-growing African markets.

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Professional French Translation Service

Living in the era of globalization where everything and everyone is tightly interconnected and interdependent, it’s important to speak with people, your potential clients and product users, in their own language. In fact, more than 75% of customers are more likely to use a certain product or service more than once if it’s offered in their native language.

Would you like to find common ground with your prospective clients in France and all over the African continent? Choose a professional English to French translation service that speaks the same language as your business:

Eloquent French Translator Service
We have native and international French speakers on the team. Whether you will benefit from a high-quality machine translation or when a human translator should be involved, rest assured you will receive a 100% adequate translation that takes into consideration local French culture, customs, traditions, and dialects.
Rapid Turnaround’s machine translation module provides instant English to French and French to English translation where involvement of a human translation isn’t required. In their turn, human translators are able to perform an adequate and quality translation within the shortest possible period of time. For example, depending on the length of the message, a human linguist can translate your company support rep’s external message – a response to a customer’s request – within minutes.  
Easy-To-Set up French Translation Service
Flexibility and scalability enable our translation platform to integrate seamlessly into any existing infrastructure and business ecosystem. All the features are available out of the box, so your IT department can roll out a project and implement necessary features using an intuitive programming interface.
High Security Standards follows all modern corporate security best practices. It guarantees that the data is always transmitted using strong in-transit encryption standards (SSL/TLS certificates). Secure connections are used to transfer data from web forms, login screens, and upload/download capabilitie

Industry’s Leading French Translation Company – – a proven leader among French translation agencies since 2015. It provides professional French translation services, including quality machine translation and human translation from certified French linguists.’s range of services includes website and product localization, document flow translation, facilitating multilingual support, French language support of your company’s internal and external business initiatives, as well as translate API integration with third-party service providers, e.g., Magento, Shopify, and Zendesk.

All our translation solutions can integrate seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure, aiming at solving your business needs quickly, effectively, and for a reasonable price. It is worth noting that rolling out any of’s machine or human translation services is cheaper than building an in-house translation platform from scratch. We already have a highly-customizable translation API, a content delivery system, a machine translation algorithm supporting 110+ language pairs, including French, as well as hundreds of translators on the staff.


Expert French Document Translation

Adequate internal communication and document flow with French-speaking colleagues are crucial for building a strong corporate culture that will reflect on all aspects of running a successful international business. In addition, workplace inclusiveness and diversity are of utmost importance nowadays, whereas document translation of all incoming and outcoming brand messages, as well as communications inside the company, are the prerequisites of any present-day brand.

Contact us today and tell us about your ongoing French localization plans, as well as document translation needs. We’ll come back promptly with a meaningful reply on how exactly professional French translation service will benefit your French-speaking market expansion.