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Our Medical Language Translation Services

Experienced specialists will provide top-quality services and help you with translating medical documents, including

  • Medical records
  • Medical reports
  • Medical documents
  • Medical device documentation
  • Medical history
  • Medical notes
  • Medical charts
  • Medical supplies
  • Medical regulatory documents
  • Medical insurance documents
  • Hospital discharge papers
  • Hospital records
  • Clinical protocols
  • Clinical documents
  • Clinical trials
  • Informed consent forms
  • Scientific research
  • Test and analysis results
  • Healthcare documents

Our translators are experts in many medical fields and can translate varied content related to

  • Biology
  • Cardiology
  • Chemistry
  • Cosmetics, Beauty
  • Dentistry
  • Genealogy
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices
  • Health Care
  • Medical (general)
  • Nutrition
  • Zoology
  • Genetics

Why Choose Our Medical Translation Company?

  • Accurate and validated
  • Quality assurance in multiple stages
  • Quick turnaround
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Translation memory
  • Translation glossary
  • Services tailored to you
  • Data privacy guaranteed
  • Unlimited fast corrections

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Success Story

Several months ago, I got the opportunity to publish my latest research in cell biology in an American Medical Journal (AMJ). My colleague recommended using this service. My 5-page research was translated in just 24 hours and accepted for publication without substantial alterations. I will definitely use this service again when needed!
Eduardo Fernandez Segura, Vice Dean for Clinical Practices
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Translating Medical Documents vs. Any Other Documents

A medical translator faces a lot of challenges while working with medical documents. Preparing a high-quality translation requires a specific knowledge base and an understanding of various nuances.

Medical document translation is impossible without understanding terminology. The specialist should be prepared to translate the specific language related to diseases, health conditions, and technical terminology. It will guarantee accurate language translation for medical terms.

Appropriate translation of compound nominal phrases and abbreviations. Human anatomy, medical procedure, name of diseases, symptoms and signs, and terms of Greek and Latin origin: medical language specialists should be experienced in translating such specific vocabulary.

Understanding the specifics of different medical documents. Medical terminology translation is not the only problem faced by translators. The specialist should translate the document according to the source and target language country's regulations. Moreover, medical translators should consider the differences between technical, certified medical, pharmaceutical, and clinical documents.

Considering the medical jargon. The medical language translator can come across technical jargon, which should be translated or paraphrased correctly. The average person is unable to understand such a specific language, so the help of a professional medical translator will be inevitable.

What a Specialist Should Know to Translate Medical Documents

Experienced specialists will provide top-quality services and help you with translating medical documents, including

  • A competency in source and target languages;
  • Understanding of language nuances;
  • Expert knowledge, research skills, and experience are crucial to translate medical terms correctly;
  • Competency in regulatory laws and regulations;
  • A competency in source and target languages;
  • Following the appropriate style and tone requirements, as well as syntax and grammar rules;
  • Considering the cultural and ethical context for the translation medical documents.

Our Expertise in Medical Terminology

Our mission is to provide medical document translation services of the highest quality. Years of expertise in this field enable us to meet the requirements of our clients and keep the balance between quality and quantity.

We consider several factors to constantly improve our service: customer satisfaction, quality of translations, turnaround time, honest pricing, and security issues. Our human translation experts will translate your document, edit it according to grammar and syntax requirements, follow grammar rules, and take into account all required laws, regulations, and legislation.

Our translators' high competency guarantees that you will get what you expect and even exceed your expectations. Our experts are knowledgeable in medical terminology, jargon, and specific regulations. Also, their knowledge of both source and target language nuances enables them to provide translation services that consider grammar, stylistics, and cultural issues.