Integrated Zendesk Language Translation App

To interact with customers and solve their tickets, more than 5000 companies, including Uber, Pinterest, Slack, Shopify, and Twitter, rely on Zendesk.

The biggest customer interaction and retention trend among the leading global companies is offering multilingual customer support by well‑trained support agents using automated and semi‑automated translations.

In 2021, automatic translations are picking up business momentum. Customers want to communicate with a brand and receive professional customer service in their native language. According to recent data, over 75% of customers are more likely to return if support is in their own language.

So does it mean that you have to spend money on building a costly multilingual customer support team?

Zendesk Translation Integration Reduces Multilingual Support Costs

Any global company receives and processes hundreds of customer requests in different languages daily. If support is localized in their own language, customers are more likely to use your product again.

However, finding and training bilingual or multilingual agents is the biggest challenge for most companies.

The Translate Zendesk app empowers a single customer support agent to handle customer requests in different languages, fostering respect and trust between your customers and your brand.

With the help of the Zendesk ticket translation plugin from, your customers’ incoming messages will be translated automatically. To ensure a response from your agents is as adequate as possible, it will be translated by a human. In general, a monolingual agent can reply to a customer’s request sent in any of the 90+ supported languages within less than one hour. Prices start from only 0,025$ per word.’s Zendesk translation app helps build lasting relationships with your customers, communicating in their own language. Whenever your support reps receive a new ticket, they’re able to receive automatic translations of the incoming messages, as well as generate an adequate, prompt reply.

Zendesk Translation App Fosters Cutting‑edge Customer Support

Over 60% of people can’t tell a translated message from a native speaker’s message in chat, making’s Zendesk translation API the next big thing for your company to explore.’s customer support tickets translation integrates seamlessly with the Zendesk platform. It will help you understand the needs of your global customers and give a helpful response in their own language quickly.

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Engage your global customers like never before with Zendesk Translation App We help companies grow in new markets by delivering high-quality responses to customer requests in 60+ languages directly from the Zendesk user interface
How To Start
  1. Install the Translate plugin
  2. Create a personal account on
  3. Set the source language of your tickets
  4. Done! Feel free to contact our technical support
How It Works
  1. Agent receives a ticket in the customer’s language
  2. Ticket is instantly machine‑translated into the agent’s language
  3. Agent responds via Internal Note using the #translate keyword
  4. Response is human‑translated and sent to a customer
Our Benefits
  • Professional translation Translate app for Zendesk provides customer support reps with the on‑the‑go machine and human translation service for accurate, grammatically correct, contextually relevant, and culturally adequate communication with international customers. It helps avoid any misunderstandings and saves costs on hiring multilingual support agents.
  • CSAT score increase Companies that respond to customer requests within ten hours enjoy a CSAT score of more than 90%.’s Zendesk integration app helps improve CSAT and NPS scores, fostering customer loyalty, advocacy, and happiness. Your overall brand health is also improved once your customers start getting relevant responses in their language faster.
  • Quick turnaround time A monolingual agent can reply to a customer’s request sent in any of the 90+ supported languages within hours. Our translation plugin increases the efficiency of your support reps when communicating with customers and dealing with day‑to‑day translation tasks and tickets.
  • Data storage security We guarantee not to store any ticket content once the translation is made.’s Zendesk integration uses authentication, access control, encryption, tokenization, as well as backup and recovery security measures in order to provide the maximum level of data storage security.
  • Personal data encryption Any personal ticket data that is sent for human translation is primarily encrypted, so the translators won’t see it. Special tags will let the translation experts know what kind of data they are working on to be able to adequately translate the surrounding text. The data is encrypted before it is transferred back to Zendesk.
  • GDPR compliant Zendesk integration app is GDPR compliant. We work closely with data protection authorities around the world, implementing strong privacy protections that reflect their guidance to provide industry‑standard data protection and maintain certifications. Keeping users’ information safe, secure, and private is one of our highest priorities at
Our Clients
We work with companies from the United States, Europe, Asia, and all around the world.
  1. Uses Translation API Web and mobile app development company.
  2. Uses API, Custom Integration Largest independent and partner‑managed creative agency in Europe.
  3. Uses Translation API Global online advertising platform for media buyers, affiliates, ad networks, and publishers.
  4. Uses Custom Integrations Worldwide leader in integrated risk and compliance management software and services.
  5. Uses Website Localization, API Customer support and outsourcing service provider for businesses worldwide.
  6. Uses Weebly Localization, API Professional presentation design agency for business owners, marketers, educators, etc.
How do I translate in Zendesk?

To translate incoming and outcoming tickets, use the Zendesk language translation integration application from Depending on the membership plan, you could use only machine translation or communicate with customers with the help of human translators as well. Please, for additional information, visit this page.

Can Zendesk translate tickets?

By default, Zendesk doesn’t provide any ticket translation solutions. To translate support rep tickets, using external tools is necessary. Zendesk translation app from is an example of such external tools that can help your business translate the content of your tickets

What languages does Zendesk support?

If you install the Zendesk translation app from, your sales and customer support reps could take advantage of professional human and machine translation across 90 language pairs. When an incoming message from a customer arrives, it will be automatically translated into the language of your reps. Once they write a response, expert linguists will translate it before sending it to a customer as a reply.

What is multilingual support?

Multilingual support is when reps can speak more than one language in order to provide a comfortable and smooth experience for their international customers. Multilingual support helps build a loyal customer base, drives CSAT scores, and lowers churn rates. Multilingual support can increase a customer base by 29% in comparison to monolingual support.