Zendesk Translation App
  • Online Machine Translation (MT) Instant translations in 5,900+ language pairs
  • Professional Human Translation (HT) Optional (on demand)
  • Monthly
  • Annual save 15%
Experience Seamless Communication with High-Quality, Human-Powered Expert Translations
  • Get your Zendesk tickets translated meticulously by professional linguists, available both on-demand and automatically.
  • Communicate effortlessly in 110+ language pairs.
  • Affordable Excellence: Premium translations starting at just $0.07/word.

Lightning-fast translations tailored to meet your pace:

  • Group 1 Languages *: From a brisk 15 minutes to a mere 3 hours.
  • Group 2 Languages**: Receive accurate translations in up to 5 hours.

Elevate your global customer support experience. Interested in revolutionizing your communication? Let's talk.

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This Zendesk App uses Human Translation for Outgoing Tickets by default. If you need your Outgoing Tickets to be translated by Machine Translation by default and have a human translation as an option, please download our new app here

* Group 1 Languages: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French (Canada), Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Chinese (Simplified).

** Group 2 Languages: Czech, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Danish, Polish.

Machine 10
  • 5,900+ language pairs
  • Unlimited seats
  • 50 words (Human Translation)
Machine 50
  • 5,900+ language pairs
  • Unlimited seats
  • Premium quality MT
Machine 1000
  • 5,900+ language pairs
  • Unlimited seats
  • Premium quality MT
Machine 5000
  • 5,900+ language pairs
  • Unlimited seats
  • Premium quality MT

*Reply - one translated outgoing message.

** Cancel your subscription anytime with one click in your account.

Custom plan

for organizations with specific needs

  • Customized Human and Machine translation plans
  • Individually adjusted number of Zendesk tickets
  • Better pricing for large monthly number of words/tickets
  • Select preferred translators
  • Extended support
  • Custom SLA
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All paid plans include:
  • 5,900+ language pairs are available for Machine Translation.
  • 110+ language pairs are supported for Human Translation.
  • Glossary and translation memory.
  • Free machine translation of all incoming tickets.
  • Premium quality Machine Translation.
  • Hide selected data from translators (e.g. credit card numbers)
  • Saved internal communication with customers.
  • Hierarchical access control for settings & billing.
  • Unlimited seats.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
How it works?
  1. Install our "Translate.com by Machine" Zendesk Support App , and Download our Installation Guide .
  2. Receive a customer inquiry in your Zendesk in any of 110+ languages.
  3. Automatically receive a translation to your native language in real-time.
  4. Type in an answer in your native language.
  5. Choose between instant machine translation (use hashtag #mt) or professional human translation, available from 15 minutes to 5 hours (use hashtag #ht)
  6. Your customer instantly gets your reply in their native language with machine translation (MT), or within a maximum of 5 hours with human translation (HT).
  7. Job done! Save thousands of dollars per agent each month.
Free your agents from copy-paste!
Empower your team with a tool for fast Zendesk ticket resolution.

Integrated Zendesk Language Translation App

Zendesk translation service is inevitable when it comes to globalization. It is almost impossible to expand your business internationally without effective multilingual support. We offer the opportunity to translate Zendesk into more than 110+ language pairs by human translators and over 5,900 language pairs by instant machine translation.

What Do We Offer?

Translate.com provides services to make Zendesk translation automated, effective, and affordable. You will get:

  • Multilingual customer support;
  • An efficient tool for expanding your business globally;
  • Instant machine translation with 5,900+ language pairs available;
  • Accurate and precise human translation with 110+ language pairs;
  • Fast turnaround (professional translation within several hours);
  • Advanced personal data security;
  • Translation and glossary memory.

Main Pros of Zendesk Translation

Professional Human Translation

Human translation is available for both inbound and outbound messages. If you need accurate and precise translation, our experienced native translators will handle your request within several hours.

Friendly Support Team

Our support is always available and ready to give you a helping hand in any situation. Please contact us via chat or email if you have questions about our services, payment, or other issues. And you will get all the answers ASAP.

Instant Machine Translation

The translation will be available to you urgently. Still, you need to consider that it cannot be as accurate as translations provided by an experienced translator.

Variety of Languages

The translate plugin for Zendesk includes a wide range of languages: 110+ for human translation and 5,900+ language pairs for machine translation. The more languages at hand, the more markets are available for expanding your business.

Communicate Like Natives

It’s important for clients around the world to communicate and get all the important information about products and services in their native languages. With Zendesk language translation, you will have the opportunity to communicate with your clients like natives.

Why Do Our Clients Choose Ours Translate Plugin for Zendesk?

Integrated Customer Support Translation

Recent research shows that more than 75% of clients would return if they had the opportunity to communicate with support in their native languages. With our Zendesk translation app, you can interact with your international clients.

Reduced Costs on Multilingual Support

Zendesk localization with our translation service will help you save money and time. You will not have to hire a professional team of translators to provide multilingual support for your diversified customer segments.

Cutting-Edge Customer Support

The Zendesk translation API helps meet customers' requirements in the global market. You will understand your target audience's expectations and needs. As a result, your customer support will provide a helpful response in the language your client speaks.

Our Clients
We work with companies from the United States, Europe, Asia, and all around the world.
  1. Uses Translation API Web and mobile app development company.
  2. Uses API, Custom Integration Largest independent and partner‑managed creative agency in Europe.
  3. Uses Translation API Global online advertising platform for media buyers, affiliates, ad networks, and publishers.
  4. Uses Custom Integrations Worldwide leader in integrated risk and compliance management software and services.
  5. Uses Website Localization, API Customer support and outsourcing service provider for businesses worldwide.
  6. Uses Website Localization, API Professional presentation design agency for business owners, marketers, educators, etc.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How to enable multiple languages in Zendesk?

    First, you need to install our translate plugin for Zendesk. And your customers’ incoming messages will be automatically translated by experienced human translators into more than 110+ language pairs within a few hours.

  • How many languages can Zendesk translate into?

    Several Zendesk languages are available. But it is not always enough to satisfy customer needs. Our Zendesk translation API supports 110+ language pairs for human translation and 5,900+ language pairs for instant machine translation.

  • Does Zendesk automatically translate?

    Yes, a machine-generated translation option is available for Zendesk users. But you need to remember that the choice of languages is limited, and the translation process is automated. Also, machine translation is not always accurate and precise. But with our Zendesk translation service, you can be sure of the quality of the translations by our professional human translators.

  • What is the charge for the subscription plan?

    The monthly subscription includes a fixed number of outbound tickets for premium-quality instant machine translation and proficient human translation on demand.

  • How are the inbound tickets charged?

    All incoming tickets are free forever! Inbound tickets are always translated by MT free of charge for your convenience. If you want to use continuous instant MT between 5,900 language pairs, 30% of your inbound tickets should be translated via “Translate.com by Machine” Zendesk App. Choose a plan for your support team right now.

  • How are the outbound tickets charged?

    Get free from character limits! You pay only for tickets, not for the number of words.

  • How many seats are available in subscriptions?

    Every pricing plan has no limits for seats associated with a single domain. Choose the most suitable plan for your team without limits on the number of agents. Plan in advance only the number of requests you want to process.

  • How can I get a proficient translation of Zendesk tickets?

    If MT has not met your requirements, try professional translation between 110+ language pairs by our specialists with domain-specific expertise within the same app. Write an internal note in your language, add #HT, and close the ticket. Your client will receive an accurate and precise translation of your response in their requested language.

  • Do you have a free trial period?

    Of course! Your search for a comprehensive solution for multilingual customer support ends right now. Take advantage of a free 30-day period and receive 50 words for human translation and 10 outgoing tickets for fast and effective communication with customers. Experience the effectiveness of the all-in-one Zendesk translation app, combining machine and human translation capabilities.