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Go global with our Chinese translation services. Expand your business, increase the Customer satisfaction rate, and boost your revenues with top-quality multilingual content. We provide certified translation services from Chinese to multiple languages. See how you can benefit from our cooperation.

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Expert Chinese Translation Service provides a full range of Chinese language translation services for large, medium, and small businesses from all over the world. With a custom-tailored translation solution from our company that aims to cater to the needs of your business, you’ll be able to step in and start out successful operations in Japan. Our range of translation services includes:
Product and Website Localization

Chinese business translation services aim to provide your prospects with a fully localized and translated product, which includes website content, marketing and promo materials, external communications, and technical documentation. The final goal is to make sure your Chinese audience gets the premium service it’s ready to spend money on and become your loyal brand followers. Our Chinese linguists will provide you with localized content that takes into account all national customs, traditions, as well as local language dialects and cultural nuances.

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Support Reps’ Tickets Translation

A support team that speaks Chinese is a must-have for any company wishing to build a solid client base. It’s a well-known fact that speaking the language of your customers is a tried and tested way to make people loyal to your brand. However, hosting a monolingual support team is a costly venture for a new company that has only recently entered a competitive Chinese market.

To help you reduce multilingual support expenses, offers you to experience the power of high-end machine translation mixed with the linguistic proficiency of human translators in order to empower your monolingual support reps to solve tickets in multiple languages, including Chinese. All incoming messages from your customers will be automatically translated from Chinese into English. After a support rep writes a response in their native language, e.g., English, a human linguist will manually translate the message into Chinese for the response to sound as naturally as possible. The turnaround of processing a single customer message from an incoming inquiry to a quality response is less than an hour.    

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API integration’s translation API is a scalable and highly customizable solution that integrates seamlessly with third-party e-commerce platforms, such as Zendesk, Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. There’s no need to spend time and money on building a translation integration platform from scratch because our translation API can be integrated into any business infrastructure quickly and seamlessly. Choose only those API integration modules that your company needs for a swift and cost-effective third-party vendor integration.    .

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Reasons for Choosing a Certified Translation Company

Using a professional Chinese translation service has a lot of advantages. First of all, the translation company takes care of its reputation. It has a translation license, so you can be sure that you will get certified Chinese translation services.

Secondly, translation agencies offer specialized services for different fields. Thus, they will select a competent and skilled translator who fits your specific needs. Also, trained specialists know how to deal with cultural nuances and other linguistic issues to provide you with precise translation.

Thirdly, certified translation companies strictly follow deadlines and have high-quality standards. Therefore, you won’t have to check the translation for plagiarism or proofread it to guarantee advanced-quality content.

Get Cutting-Edge Quality With Our Chinese Translation Services

Our translators are trained to overcome common translation challenges to provide professional Chinese translation services. While working on the orders, the specialists should have enough experience to:

  • Our translators are trained to overcome common translation challenges to provide professional Chinese translation services. While working on the orders, the specialists should have enough experience to:
  • be aware of dialectical differences and their variations in language use;
  • convey the context accurately, overcoming contextual ambiguities;
  • maintain clarity because English and Chinese have different character lengths and densities.

Why Customers Choose Us

Variety of Translation Services

We provide Chinese to English translation services (and other language pairs translation) for different purposes. So, every client can find the best-fitting option depending on their particular needs and business goals.

  1. Chinese document translation service for different fields:
  2. Chinese website translation services:
    • Website content translation;
    • Localization of software products.
  3. Zendesk translation.
  4. Email translation services:
    • Newsletters
    • Questionnaires;
    • Marketing emails, and more.
  5. JSON translation.
  6. API translation.

Experienced Translators

Our company unites a team of native-speaker translators specializing in many fields. We can provide an Chinese translation service for specific domains. The list of language pairs is also wide: 110+ for human translation and 5,900+ for machine translation.

You can choose Chinese legal translation services and technical or medical translations from Chinese into other languages. Stay confident in the result because specialists are competent at translating domain-specific terminology accurately.

Fast Delivery

A quick turnaround is one more benefit for our clients. A large team of experienced translators makes it possible to deliver orders ASAP. Of course, the deadline depends on the order of complexity, number of words, and other nuances. But we are ready to provide you with a Chinese translation service quickly and efficiently.

Affordable Prices

Competitive prices can be an advantage for you, especially when you have a large amount of content for translation. With our Chinese and Mandarin translation services, you can save time and money searching for a professional translation team. Moreover, we provide an option to choose the fitting subscription or discuss the custom pricing plan option.

Data Protection

Your private and corporate information security is a top priority for us. We guarantee 100% data protection for your confidential document or any type of information. So, you can safely use our Chinese translation service (or other languages translation).