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Translate.com helps businesses engage with customers in any language, providing a personalized experience. Leverage the expertise of top-tier translators and AI localization technology to maximize ROI!
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Benefits of Human Translation Service for your business

Fast turnaround times on translations with automated workflow processes
High-quality translations that meet industry standards
Professional support from our team of experts throughout the entire process
Cost-effective solutions for all budgets

Website & App Localization

Website & App localization section scheme
  • Want to save time and get the most out of your translation projects with effective management
  • Demand the utmost when it comes to translations
  • Website & app content isn't static
  • Need a wide variety of languages

One-box solution for website & app localization

  • 110+ language pairs supported by experienced translators
  • Dedicated localization manager
  • Translation via API, JSON, or supported file formats
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Continuous Localization With API

  • Have huge content volumes that should be translated
  • Need to support many languages automatically
  • Looking for time-saving and cost-saving solutions for the translation process
  • Combination of machine and human translation
  • Automated translation in 5,900+ language pairs
  • Works with software, documents, CRMs, etc.
  • Translation glossary and memory
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Translation API illustration

Multilingual Customer Support in Zendesk

Customer support illustration
  • Communication with global clients in Zendesk
  • Monolingual customer support should cover requests in many languages
  • Need to understand incoming tickets at once, no matter which language it is
  • Strive to communicate with clients like a local
  • Instant translation of incoming tickets in 5,900 language pairs
  • Human and Machine translation for outgoing tickets
  • Translation Glossary & Memory
  • Automated translated reply sending
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Professional Document Translation for Different Industries

  • Supported formats include PDF, Word, JSON, Excel, scans, images, etc.
  • Native-speaking translators specializing in a variety of industry fields
  • Formatting and retyping to ensure your documents stand out and make the best impression
  • Translations keeping in line with brand standards and tone of voice
  • Rarely-spoken languages such as Czech, Norwegian, Hebrew, Swedish
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Document translation illustration

More Than 10 Integration With Zapier

  • Use Zapier integrations
  • Operating globally or expanding in new markets
  • Need content, support, or process localization in many languages
  • Require to leverage a mix Machine and Human translation according their needs
  • Seeking for an automated translation solution with easy integration
  • Zendesk
  • Hubspot
  • Freshdesk
  • Shopify
  • Google Ads

What Clients Say About Us

SlidePeak logo

Our startup helps create great and professional presentations. Translate.com API enables us to offer localized presentations without manual work and provide an accurate translation.

Translation API increased CPO by 32% while significantly decreasing the churn rate. For now, we can provide our services in multiple markets and don't care about content localization.

Volodymyr Ukrainets photo Volodymyr Ukrainets
Product Manager, SlidePeak
WOW24 logo

We have been working with Translate.com for three years and are satisfied with the quality of translation and communication with the team.

With Translate.com products, we have provided our customers with timely, accurate, and high-end support in their native language. We have used Translate.com to translate emails, template responses, newsletters, website content, and more. We trust them to provide quality translations and are pleased with their results.

Max Kovalov photo Max Kovalov
Chief Marketing Officer, WOW24

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