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Grow Your Revenue with Localization Business

Startup, Blog or Small Business
Take advantage of translation websites to expand your business’ online presence. After professional translation, high-quality localized content will look appealing to your online target audience, and adapting the text’s meaning to the local market, you will be able to increase your market coverage and improve communication flow.
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Software & eCommerce Localization
Localizing digital content and software with multiple ready-to-use integrations or powerful translation API may become an essential part of your technology-driven market growth strategy. Streamline localization process: setup professional translation software in just a few clicks, provide your page-source data, and make it instantly available in your customers’ language, making content SEO-friendly, if needed.
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Support Localization: tickets, chats, emails
Business development starts with effective communication with your customers. It’s not just a matter of qualified text translation. Also, main cultural nuances should be captured in support translation, tickets, emails, and chat translation, adapting them to the local culture and legal and linguistic requirements. Improve your customer satisfaction rate and NPS rates with language translation software.
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Let translation software for business improve your conversion rates

More Targeted Traffic

Expand your target audience by encouraging customers from other locations & countries. Make your product or brand visible to the global market with SEO-friendly translated content, get more relevant traffic, and increase the number of paying customers.

Smooth Client Support

Improve communication with your clients, and increase satisfaction rates with our localization services. Enable clients to speak their native language the way they get used to and improve product and service perception.

Become Global. Remain Local

Sound like a local and show relevant content (item translation, a unit of measure, currency, so on). The product content will be revised in line with the local tone for maximum effectiveness in your country.

Items & Product Description

Become a competitive provider of products or services for foreign customers with detailed product descriptions available in various languages your clients speak.

Cultural adaptation

Utilize software localization of existing content that ensures that the target-language text is adapted to the culture of the target audience.

High-Quality Translation

Translate.com language localization and translation tools allow you to get a professional translation and unique content or software applications localized at the fastest speed, ensuring language quality and upgradability.

How Does The Localization Process Works?

Content analyzing
Translate.com system analyzes your website or application (software, application, or support tickets), examining and highlighting all the aspects that need language and cultural adaptation.
3-step Translation Process

Any content submitted to Translate.com will be passed through 3 steps:

  • The project is translated by automatic translation API.
  • An editor adopts the translated content to ensure accuracy within all elements and context.
  • A proof-editor checks the project and confirms that all localized aspects are consistent.
Localization Testing
Localized application or website translation are carefully checked and qualified to ensure the highest linguistic and functional quality.
Choose the best way you can receive translated content - simply download your localized files or set it to preview automatically and relaunch your product.

What is the difference between translation and localization?

Web translation

Web translation is the technical process of converting the source language into the target one. It is readable but has low-quality.

Web localization

Web localization is a more complicated process in which the website content is adopted and translated for a specific audience. It helps to meet cultural expectations.

Localization is done by proficient translators. You get high-quality website content that is understandable and attractive for many foreign customers and users

Why choose Translate.com?

Professional translators
As we look for the best experts in different fields, we cooperate with translators from various countries. All of them pass specific tests before they become a part of our team, and you can be sure that your translator will have a relevant degree to meet all your requirements and expectations.
3-step Translation Process
Your content will be passed through 3 steps: machine translation of your content is followed by post-machine editors from around the world and further verified by qualified professional editors. Our highest tier translators then perform detailed quality checks on all your site’s content.
Our company uses Amazon Web Services as a secure cloud services platform along with secure protocols according to Information Security standards, offering content delivery and other options for upgrading your translation.
Flexible Pricing Policy
Our goal is to deliver excellent service to our customers. Translate.com delivers high-quality translations for optimal prices on the global market. Contact your Sales or Integration Manager to get the best price offer.
Friendly Customer Service
Our team will find the most effective and right approaches to upgrade your translation during the whole process 24/7.
Speed Translation Delivery
Translate.com delivers a machine translation of the large-scale websites within minutes or a high-quality human translation within a few days at maximum.


How many languages do you serve?

Our translation services cover 37 languages and dozens of applicable variants between them.

If you can’t find the necessary language pair, we’ll be able to add it to your request.

How long will my translation take?

The translation time depends on the complexity of the translated content and the tasks set.

In contrast with instant machine translation, human translation is passed through multiple levels of professional experts. Quality is always our top priority, which can take some time to achieve as well. We perform human translation of page content up to 10,000 words within 5 business days. To estimate the time spent on translating larger content, please contact us. We will find a solution to provide you with professional translation in optimal terms.

What translation options do you offer?

Translate.com offers two translation options as machine and human translations.

Automatic machine translation takes seconds and provides you with content translated into the selected language without linguistic adaptation.

Professional human translation offers higher quality, language localization, and SEO-friendly translations. Our growing network of 17,000+ proficient translators carries out a thoroughgoing translation process that involves a review of automatically translated content, thoroughgoing checkings, fastidious edits to rule out pointless translations, and proofreading to eliminate the context inconsistencies.

Will I get a qualified human translation?

As we look for the best experts in different fields, we cooperate with translators from various countries. All of them pass specific tests before they become a part of our team, and you can be sure that your expert will have a relevant degree to meet all your requirements and expectations. We perform regular evaluations of the translators and continue to build and improve tools that boost their performance.

You can also select preferred translators or get access to Top and Premium translators for each language pair.

Will I get an accurate machine translation?

Translate.com uses Google Translate, Bing, Yahoo, and Microsoft as background translation supplies.

You get an instant word-for-word translation, but its understanding of the context is not as accurate as human translation.

Are there any size limitations to start translating my site?

There are no size limitations for your website content. You can select the most appropriate subscription plan for your website translation.

What is the core feature of SEO localization?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) localization is a translation that keeps your website visible to major search engines and available to a global audience, even after it has been translated. Translate.com Localization includes a translation of your webpage metadata, including Meta Title, Meta Description, and Keywords.

What browsers are supported by Translate.com Localizer?

Translate.com Localizer supports all browsers, which work perfectly for activities such as setting up automated tasks or standard translations.

How do you ensure the confidentiality and security of my customer communications?

The majority of Translate.com’s customers are sensitive about privacy and security issues, as their client communications often comprise personal data. We provide some layers of privacy and security components, including the anonymization process that stamps out this identifiable information from the content before starting the 3-step translation process.

For more information, please check Privacy Policy for reference.

How much does Translate.com Localizer/Translation API and Integration Plugins cost?
Our translation and localization services are based on the subscription plans that are adopted according to your needs and preferred options (access to Premium Translators, additional setup, personal Account Manager, etc.). If you are not sure which plan is best suited to your company's needs, our Sales Team will help you choose the best Plan possible or create a personal Custom Plan
What happens if I have more page views than my plan allows for?

When you reach the maximum number of views provided by the subscription plan, you will be upgraded to the next available level for the remaining days of the current month. If you exhaust all available plan options, the sales manager will select the appropriate solution for you.

If you use the service as part of the free version, the website translator will be deactivated automatically before the end of the current month.

The site translator will also be deactivated before the end of the month in case of payment problems. At the beginning of next month, access will be restored according to your approved plan.

How does my plan renew at the end of its term?

Your subscription plan will be renewed automatically for a period equal to the original one. To cancel auto-renewal, go to the Customer Portal, open the «Billing / Plan» tab, and click the «Cancel Plan» button. The term of the subscription may be terminated by a written request from one of the parties sent at least 30 days before the expiration of the current plan.

If you choose a monthly rate, the payment will be debited every month until you notify us that you want to terminate the service. When paying for an annual plan, your account will be charged for the full calendar year on the day of your initial subscription. If you cancel services in the middle of the period, you will not be able to return the money for the remainder of the paid time. Please inform us of your intentions promptly or cancel auto-renewal by using the «Cancel Plan» button in your account.

Can I upgrade my plan?

The fare update is available at any time. The remaining funds from the current plan will be redirected to your new tariff. Payment will be made, taking into account the transferred credit funds of the current plan.

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes, you can rescind the current plan at any time. To cancel, go to the client’s office, open the «Billing / Plan» tab, and click the «Cancel Plan» button. After canceling the rate, you will be transferred to the free version of the website translator at the end of the paid period.

Can I downgrade my plan?

No. You can only cancel the plan. When your active subscription is canceled, you will be offered a free plan. Using the free version, you can choose any rate that suits you.

What kind of Localization services can I get with Translate.com?

Translate.com provides localization services such as:

  1. Translation/Localization API;
  2. set up Translation via various platforms - like get Zendesk tickets translated, or get Hubspot CRM and system emails being translated, or user translation plugin for CMS (Weebly, Wordpress, Wix, Magento, etc.).
How does Translate.com work with other platforms?

We offer several integrations with the most popular platforms on the market, including Zendesk, HubSpot, WordPress, and Weebly, among others, to get more agile support straight out of the box. If you can’t find the necessary platform on our integration list, you can either integrate with our API or request a custom integration.

What do I need to do to start using Website Localizer or Translation/Localization API?

To start using Website Localizer or Translation/Localization API, you need to create an account at Translate.com. The next step is to choose the appropriate Subscription Localizer plan. To get assistance on that, you can contact your Translate.com manager or Support team.

In your Customer account, click on Website Localizer and follow the steps:

  1. enter the URL of the website you need to translate and choose the current language;
  2. select the translation languages;
  3. copy and paste the installation code just before
    tag on each page of your website;
  4. relaunch your website or application.

You can manage and refine your translations as well as adjust your settings through your Customer Portal.

You can use your Translate.com account to integrate your website or application with popular platforms like Zendesk, WordPress, HubSpot, etc.

What is Zendesk Ticket Translation, and how to start using it?

To start using Translate.com’s Zendesk app for ticket translation, you need to install and authorize the plugin and refresh your Zendesk page. Then register or log in at Translate.com

After submitting a ticket for translation, it will go through 3 main translation steps: machine translation of your ticket is followed by post-machine editors. Our highest tier copy editors then perform detailed quality checks on your translated ticket.

You’ll have a chance to track the progress of your translation on the Translate.com website in your Customer Portal or Zendesk account.

How to get started with other integration plugins?

To get started integration with other platforms, you need to follow these steps:

  1. go to the platform you’ve chosen;
  2. log in to your account at (Hubspot, Salesforce, Weebly, Wix, Wordpress, Magento, etc.);
  3. go to the platform marketplace, select “Translate” plugin, and follow instructions to set it up.

Once setup is completed, you’d get access to translations options. The whole process may take you from 5 to 15 min set up. Please mind you can select a type of default translation (either machine or human translation), languages, package type according to your preferences.

If you face any issues, please message us at [email protected]

May I create a test account or have any Trial?

Once you set your account up by default, you’d get a volume of words available for machine translation and 50 free words for human translation usage. Although if your organization expects to process a big volume of words/pages, please discuss this with you business development manager or account manager or drop us a message at [email protected]

What about support? If I have some questions or issues with translation options, timeframes, charges, etc., how long will I wait for the response?

For any issues or additional questions, you can message us at [email protected]. By default, we pledge to reply at reasonable working hours timeframes. If you’d prefer a personal account manager or dedicated support team, it may be included in your subscription plan/partnership agreement.