Translation rates offers competitive translation rates by combining the efficiency of technology with the expertise of human translators.

Why Is It Significant?

Translation prices affect the choice of the translation service. For many clients, it is the primary criterion. Nevertheless, price is not the only factor determining the best translation service. Quality is one more significant aspect that influences its overall rating. And the balance between price and service quality is vital if you want a superb translation.

Choose to Get Cost-Effective Solutions

With the cost of translation services, several more issues matter when making a final choice. Let’s review the main criteria to determine why our clients select our service and rate it highly.

Affordability for Individuals and Businesses

Our services are affordable for both individuals and businesses. Everyone can find the best payment variant depending on their needs and type of translation. The translation price depends on several factors. The main one is the number of words in your order.

What’s more, several payment models and methods are available for our customers:

  • Pay-as-you-go for every single order (from $0.09, depending on the order specifics);
  • Subscription plans (for API, machine translation, and Zendesk);
  • Customized pricing plan (annual and monthly subscriptions available);
  • Bank transfer method for translation projects (personalized pricing plan).

Competitive Prices

Our translation costs are quite competitive. The initial price of services is $0.07 per word. Also, we provide a free machine translation option for instant translation. But if you need machine translation for large amounts of text, you can subscribe to a fitting pricing plan and use this option without any limitations.


You can be confident that our affordable translation price per word does not mean poor quality. We found a balance between quality and quantity. Our service guarantees high-quality and accurate translation by experienced translators competent in different fields. They will definitely consider the specifics of your order to provide you with exactly what you expect.


As mentioned above, the personalized pricing plan option is also possible. Contact us if you have a long-term project, and we will discuss the details. So, the translation pricing will be customized according to your business's particular features and needs.

What Makes Us the Best?

Very often, customers pay attention only to rates for translation services. Still, it can result in poor quality, disappointment with service, or a waste of money.

Our translation service is not just about affordable prices. There is a list of factors that make us the best choice for you:

  1. Personal Approach.
    Our translators adhere to a personalized approach to every customer. They pay attention to your instructions and consider the specifics of your field.
    We work hard to meet all your expectations and ensure you get exactly what you want. If you are not fully satisfied with the order, you can ask for a revision. And it does not require any extra translations fees.
  2. A blend of Machine and Human Translation.
    We offer machine translation and human translation options. Of course, the cost of translator will depend on the number of words and difficulty of your request. But you can also try instant machine translation for free.
  3. 24/7 Support.
    In case you have any questions or problems with payment, our support team is available 24/7. They are always ready to provide you with a helping hand and answer all your questions about the translation cost per page, subscription models, and payment methods.
  4. Experienced Translators.
    Our translation service has been working since 2011. Our translators gained valuable experience during these years, and they know how to provide you with brilliant translations.
  5. Flexible Prices.
    Apart from the standard translation rates, you can save money on translation payments monthly or annually due to a chosen pricing plan.


How much does a translation cost?

The price depends on the word count and the complexity of the order. Also, if you decide to subscribe to a particular pricing plan, the cost of services will differ depending on the chosen subscription.

How much do translators charge per word?

The basic cost of our services starts at $0.07 per word. But you also need to consider the specific details in your order, the chosen payment model, and the type of translation.

How much does it cost to hire a translator?

If you choose a freelance translator, the price will vary depending on many factors. Still, our translation service has a fixed basic price: $0.07 per word.

How much do translators charge per hour?

Our prices do not include the number of hours the translator works on your project. Thus, the overall cost of services will consider word count and how complicated your translation is.

Enhanced by AI & professional human translators for your business, communication and life
What do you need to be translated today? We've got you covered with the following:

Three-stage translation process

Translation solutions for business

Translation API
For a reasonable cost, one API can get both instant machine translation and expertly translated texts in time.
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Zendesk support translation
Instant translation of inbound tickets, same instant translation for outbound tickets, or expertly translated response - you choose for a low price.
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JSON translation
Translation of structured data is easier than ever. Prepare a .json file and get a precise translation in hours in the same valid .json.
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Zapier integrations
Automation of translation tasks within more than 5,000 zaps with easy to setup tools.
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When can human translation services benefit you?

Your business is worldwide
If you have a lot of content in different languages and need help translating it.
You need continuous translation
You have a massive amount of multilingual content and need help with translation.
You want to convey a specific tone or style
You need someone well-equipped to capture cultural nuances and adapt the message to your target audience.
You have one language website
52% of all websites are in English, but only 25% of users understand it. And 72% of customers give preference to websites in their native language.
Your want to increase revenue
80% of websites saw business growth of 2x after launching a multilingual site.
You have a high bounce rate on the local market
You already have some experience with content translation and localization, but unsuccessful

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