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“Fastest most cost effective solution available. Often times, when you invest in a solution that’s offered at a low cost, it compromises quality. This service was offered at an affordable price with a high quality.”
Sam Abadir, Director of Product Management.

LockPath offers a software application solution that specializes in preparing organizations for audit-readiness. LockPath’s Keylight Platform helps companies organize and manage all aspects of governance, compliance, risk management and IT security. By automating these business processes, participating organizations are able to effectively reduce enterprise risk, eliminate redundancy and adhere to compliance standards.

LockPath’s Director of Product Managment, Sam Abadir, shared his company’s experience with and how they leveraged a localized language approach to remain competitive.

The Business Challenge

With a large proportion of customers expanding their operations internationally, the decision to offer the Keylight Platform in multiple languages was a strategic one.

Prior to LockPath’s work with, their proprietary platform was offered in English exclusively, with limited translation capabilities in place. The choice to provide a multilingual platform was made after consistent communication with the platform’s global customers revealed an expressed interest in the development of an offering available in their native languages.

In an effort to meet the needs of their global customers, LockPath decided to localize its platform by providing users the capability to offer Keylight in any language. LockPath started off with six out-of-the-box languages and recently added a seventh. While considering various options, LockPath’s decision to work with was ultimately solidified by the site’s ability to perform efficiently and affordably, while providing a proven process to ensure the highest quality translations. LockPath continues to work with and be a trusted partner with to provide more languages as Keylight customers request them.

The Solution

Utilizing’s services, the LockPath team has been able to convert the Keylight Platform into Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, German and recently Japanese.. By proactively meeting customers at their preferred language, the Keylight Platform has gained a competitive leg up on its global expansion efforts.

For LockPath, the implementation process was “fairly quick” and the interface “simple”. Overall, LockPath’s favorite parts of working with were the easily accessible support team, the affordability of the platform and the high quality translations it offers. Leveraging’s services to provide efficient and high quality translations required minimal technical expertise on LockPath’s part, but delivered on timeliness and quality.

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