Build a global, community website with Translate.com’s vBulletin plugin. Allow global users to connect and communicate with quick, high quality translations.

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vBulletin is the leading platform for community forum and publishing. vBulletin has enabled users to create active and engaging communities for more than 10 years. vBulletin prides itself on a network built on security, powerful admin features and speed. Powering over 40,000 web based communities, vBulletin is headquartered in California.

Now available, vBulletin 5.0 offers users built in features including discussion forum, polls, option for a blog and groups. Users will receive SEO friendly URLs, as well as seamless integration and interface localization.

With Translate’s vBulletin integration, users are able to access Translate.com’s high quality AI to render quick and accurate translations. Globalize your community with Translate.com’s website translator feature. Manage photos, website copy, videos, and more. Download Translate.com’s vBulletin integration today to find out how easy translating your site content can be.