Help Scout

Give global consumers customers a delightful support experience by integrating our Website Translator with Help Scout. Real human translations allow users to assist customers in their native language.

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Help Scout takes a customer centric approach to their customer experience interface. Minimizing the amount of portals or ticket your customers will have to navigate throughout their support experience, Help Scout’s simplified approach gives your customers a simplified experience while increasing the number of tickets your agents can effectively process.

With Help Scout’s simplified platform, training and onboarding new agents is a breeze. With free reports and resources, acclimating agents with the platform’s nuances is quick and painless, allowing your agents to hit the ground running.

With Translate for Help Scout, implementing a global approach to your brand’s customer support has never been easier. Translate’s Help Scout integration allows your agents to render the language of foreign customer tickets, receive a free machine translation and even request a human translation version. Set up your account today in just minutes and receive a free 15 day trial.