Translate’s Lander integration will enable you to create beautiful, multilingual landing pages. Engage with global consumers and gain higher conversions with Lander’s landing page templates.

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Lander is a customizable landing page solution, built with the expertise of designers with marketers in mind. With several templates to choose from, Lander is perfect for any type of campaign or business. Serving small to medium sized enterprises, Lander is committed to helping users blow past their marketing goals to gain more subscribers and increase sales. With an impressive list of clients, brands like Cisco, Patagonia, CapCom, hatchbuck and more all leverage Lander’s beautiful templates to further marketing campaigns with beautiful and effective landing pages.

With Translate for Lander, customizable, multilingual landing page templates are a reality. Integrate with your lander account to easily create multilingual landing pages with localized content. Translate’s integration allows users to localize web pages easily, choosing which text, images and meta tags to incorporate on each landing page, making connecting and engaging with global users simple. Maximize the reach of your landing page and marketing campaign efforts on a global scale with the Translate for Lander integration.