With Translate.com’s Unbounce integration, users can build, publish, and A/B test multilingual landing pages. Build, optimize and test your landing page, offered in your consumers’ native language.

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Launched in 2009, Unbounce publishes landing pages, empowering marketers to successfully execute campaigns with successful A/B testing.

With Unbounce, users can easily build, test, and optimizing with A/B landing pages in a simple and sophisticated solution. Avoid IT bottlenecks by building with the world’s fastest and most customizable landing page builder. With features like a high converting landing page builder, email integration, analytics, and optimization capabilities, creating a highly effective landing page has never been easier.

Integrating Translate.com’s website translator feature allows you to generate a multilingual landing page in a matter of minutes. With simple integration and more than 96 language pairings, incorporating a global approach to your marketing campaign and landing pages is possible. With website translator, users can manage localized website copy, photos, videos, meta tags and more. Integrate Translate.com into your Unbounce account today to see how easy and effective managing a global landing page campaign can be.