With’s ReadMe integration, user’s now have access to beautiful, multilingual documentation. Interact with ReadMe’s crowdsourced community in whichever language you chose.

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Description offers beautiful documentation and developer hubs made easy. With, users are able to experience collaboration, internal docs, editors, changelogs, and more. Readme’s develop hub also gives users access to topical guides, tutorials, reference material, as well as community support. Users are connected via Readme’s easy to navigate interface and helpful resources. With pricing as low as $59, Readme’s platform is built to support individual project sharing as well as enterprise, allowing users the choice to enjoy a two week trial before launch.

Integrating with Readme is a quick and simple solution to translate text and more. Translate information and text on your developer hub with the Translate for Readme integration. Translate docs with ease with’s website translator feature. Support a global developer hub, and share your docs, guides, and resources with a multilingual team with the integration.