Integrate's Website Translator with your Backbone.js web application to grow your global audience with automatically translated content.

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Backbone JS provides the structural framework for developers to build custom web applications. Backbone includes models with custom events and key value binding, and collections with an API including views and enumerable functions. Backbone’s API connects to any existing API’s using a RESTful JSON interface.

Hosted on GitHub, Backbone provides users with an annotated source code, online test suite, and example app for user clarification. Additionally, Backbone users can report any bugs or engage in online discussion on Backbone’s GitHub issues page on Freenode IRC, #documentcloud channel post.

Integrating with Backbone JS allow users to build multilingual websites. With Translate for Backbone JS, users are able to create a global web presence to engage with multilingual web users on a global scale. Integrate today to upload localized website materials including photos, videos, copy, meta tags and more. Increase global engagement and cultivate a global web presence with Translate for Backbone.