Build better products, and offer multilingual customer support.’s UserVoice integration allows users to grow and keep users through translating customer inquiries and support agent responses.

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UserVoice is an SaaS provider of project management and customer support tools. UserVoice’s tools include everything from feedback forums, reporting and analytics, support ticket management systems and extensive support materials for new users. UserVoice is the perfect solution for software or enterprise businesses looking for a platform that offers a condensed roadmap for team prioritization.

With Translate for UserVoice, users have access to UserVoice’s efficient help desk platform, with the added ability to communicate with global customers. Integrating Translate into your UserVoice platform is the quick and easy solution for any type of support team. Translate’s UserVoice integration allows users to render machine translations of foreign language tickets and provides agents with the option to respond back with a machine translation or request a human translation. Download and integrate Translate into your UserVoice account today, to give your support agents multilingual fluency and efficiency when providing support to global customers.