Global users can now connect on phpBB via’s plugin. phpBB offers users a free and open source bulletin board software.

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With phpBB, users are able to engage via the most widely used open source bulletin board system in the world. Intended for both small groups looking to stay in touch and corporate organizations looking to provide a communication system for employees, phpBB equips users with an efficient and highly customizable communication board.

PhpBB empowers non-tech users with the ability to customize settings in their account without changing code, as well as the ability to easily integrate existing programs. Offering customizable extensions, styles and modifications, users can customize their account easily. With an extensive support network and resource pool, new users are acclimated to phpBB quickly and offered ample support. With support forums, a BB discussion channel and general discussion board, users will have access to frequent support throughout their usage with phpBB.

With the integration for phpBB, users are able to utilize Website Translator to translate site content, images, meta tags, and page copy.