With Translate.com’s Weebly plugin, create a multilingual online store, blog, or website effortlessly. Take your brand global with Weebly’s drag and drop web builder and Translate.com’s easy to install plugin.

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San Francisco based, Weebly is a global platform that enables individuals to create websites, blogs, or eCommerce stores. Intended for first time web builders, Weebly caters to its users, offering everything from free to enterprise based plans. With more than 250 million unique visitors, Weebly now currently supports over 30 million websites.

Weebly was founded by three college friends who noticed how difficult it was to build a high quality website. Today, Weebly assists millions of entrepreneurs, business owners, creators and more. With themes available for businesses, eCommerce stores, personal sites, blogs and portfolios, Weebly’s offering of beautiful and bold themes includes something for every website purpose.

With the Translate for Weebly integration, users are able to create a multilingual website, blog, or eCommerce store. Integrating Translate’s website translator feature is quick and painless, with installation taking only a few minutes. Users are able to upload content for a localized website including photos, videos, meta tags, videos and more.