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Are you seeking the most efficient way to provide quick and accurate multilingual support for your customers?
We have the solution for you - Translate.com App for Zendesk:
  • 10 min to install, set up and start.
  • Accurate machine or human translation for outgoing messages in one tool.
  • Machine translation by default & human translation on demand.
  • Free translation of incoming messages.
  • 5,900+ language pairs for machine translation.
  • 110+ language pairs for human translation.
  • Online Machine Translation Instant translations in 5,900+ language pairs
  • Professional translation Optional (on demand)
  • Monthly
  • Annual save 15%
High-quality Zendesk tickets translated by human linguists
  • On-demand or automatically.
  • 110+ language pairs are available.
  • Pricing: from 0.12$.

Human translation speed of delivery:

  • From 15 minutes to 3-hour delivery for Group 1 Languages *.
  • Up to 5-hour delivery for Group 2 Languages**.

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This Zendesk App uses Human Translation for Outgoing Tickets by default. If you need your Outgoing Tickets to be translated by Machine Translation by default and have a human translation as an option, please download our new app here

* Group 1 Languages: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French (Canada), Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Chinese (Simplified).

** Group 2 Languages: Czech, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Danish, Polish.

Machine 10
  • 5,900+ language pairs
  • Unlimited seats
  • 5,000 chars for MT
Machine 50
  • 5,900+ language pairs
  • Unlimited seats
Machine 300
  • 5,900+ language pairs
  • Unlimited seats
Machine 1000
  • 5,900+ language pairs
  • Unlimited seats
Machine 5000
  • 5,900+ language pairs
  • Unlimited seats

*Reply - one translated outgoing message.

** Cancel subscription any time in your personal account with 1 click.

Custom plan

for larger organisations with specific needs

  • Customized Human and Machine translation plans
  • Personalized amount of Zendesk interactions
  • Special offers for large amounts of words
  • Option to select preferred translators
  • Extended support
  • Custom SLA
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How it works?
  1. Install our Zendesk App.
  2. Receive a customer inquiry in your Zendesk in any of 110+ languages.
  3. Automatically receive a translation to your native language in real-time.
  4. Type in an answer in your native language.
  5. Translate your response from the native language into the source language in real time, and send your response out.
  6. If machine translation hasn’t met your requirements, forward your response to our human translators, who will quickly translate your text and immediately push your answer to your customer.
  7. Job done! Thousands of dollars per agent are saved every month.

If you create the account from Zendesk app, you will get 50 human translation words, 5,000 chars, and 10 outgoing tickets for machine translation to test.

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All prepaid plans include
  • 10 min to install, set up and start
  • 110+ language pairs for Human translation
  • 5,900+ language pairs for Machine translation
  • Machine translation by default & human translation on demand
  • Free machine translation of incoming messages
  • Multilingual Support
  • Post-editing by an expert human translator
  • Check the order details and track the order status
  • Support & Chat tickets translation
  • Glossary and Translation Memory
  • Expert translations by a chosen language guru
  • Data privacy and confidentiality
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