Integrates with's Zendesk app enables companies to solve tickets in over 90 language pairs

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How it Works

1. Agent receives ticket in customer’s language
2. Ticket is instantly machine translated to agent’s language
3. Agent responds via Internal Note with keyword #translate
4. Response is professionally translated and sent to customer


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Increase Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores by communicating in customers’ native languages.

Accurate Human Translations

Receive high quality translations from the most experienced native speakers.

Supports Multiple Agents’s Zendesk app allows multiple agents to work simultaneously with ease.

Reduced Costs

Eliminate the cost of adding multilingual resources to your support team.

Centralized Translations

Communicate effortlessly with global customers through one central location.

Seamless Integration

Download and authorize the app directly from your Zendesk account.

Superior Customer Support

Offer your customers superior customer support with’s Zendesk app. Give your support agents the ability to respond to customers in their native language via quick, high quality, human translations.

More than 300 million people across the globe receive customer support from Zendesk powered organization support teams. With Zendesk, customer support is made simple, with positive customer ratings for more than 86% of customers. On a mission to deliver exceptional customer service, Zendesk derives its name from the path to Zen, a journey involving product, people and practice. Zendesk’s approach to customer service empowers customer support agents to improve customer ratings and delight customers through the fastest customer service solution available.

Built for scalability, Zendesk’s 99.9% uptime ensures that users will never outgrow the platform if company needs increase. Offering an extensive collection of white papers, case studies, and webinars, Zendesk University offers users a comprehensive resource center to find the perfect practice for all aspects of customer service.

With Translate’s integration for Zendesk, users are able to leverage both sophisticated artificial intelligence and highly skilled translators to provide effective and effortless global customer support. Free to download, the Translate for Zendesk integration offers users the ability to receive machine translations of foreign language tickets and request a human translation of their reply. Translate for Zendesk gives agents the ability to offer support to global customers without ever leaving their Zendesk account.

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