Levin sentía que todo, comer, hablar, dormir, era imperdonable, y parecíale que cada uno de sus movimientos resultaba inadecuado a la situación.
It seemed to Levin that it would be inexcusable to eat, sleep, or even to talk, and he felt that his every movement was improper.
Lo primero que recordó Levin al verle fueron aquellas discusiones en las que aquél ponía siempre un gran empeño en quedar vencedor.
One of those disputes, in which Katavasov evidently thought he had been the victor, was the first thing Levin remembered when he recognized him.
A aquel propietario Levin le había visto ya otra vez en casa de Sviajsky y en seguida le reconoció.
It was the landowner Levin had met at Sviyazhsky's house.
A un cuarto de versta de la casa, Levin vio a Gricha y a Tania que corrían a su encuentro.
When they were still a quarter of a verst from the house, Levin saw Grisha and Tanya running toward him.
En cambio, Levin y otros que hablaban a menudo de la muerte era indudable que la ignoraban, puesto que la temían y no sabían cómo obrar en su presencia.
But Levin and others, though they were able to say a great deal about death, evidently did not know anything, for they feared it and had no notion what to do when people were dying.
Pero Levin se equivocó tomando por su suegro al que venía en el landolé.
But Levin was mistaken in supposing that one of the men in the calèche was the old Prince.
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