El letargo actual de Japón se debe, en parte, a la languidez endogámica de la vida intelectual.
Japan's current lethargy is due, in part, to the in-bred languor of Japanese intellectual life.
Estas oscilaciones de su carácter lo llevaban de la languidez extrema a la energía devoradora y, como yo bien sabía, jamás se mostraba tan formidable como después de pasar días enteros repantigado en su sillón, sumido en sus improvisaciones y en sus libros antiguos.
The swing of his nature took him from extreme languor to devouring energy; and, as I knew well, he was never so truly formidable as when, for days on end, he had been lounging in his armchair amid his improvisations and his black-letter editions.
Luego tomó del estante la vieja y grasienta pipa que le servía de consejera y, después de encenderla, se recostó en su butaca, emitiendo densas espirales de humo azulado, con una expresión de infinita languidez en el rostro.
Then he took down from the rack the old and oily clay pipe, which was to him as a counsellor, and, having lit it, he leaned back in his chair, with the thick blue cloud-wreaths spinning up from him, and a look of infinite languor in his face.



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