-Sepa, señor maese Nicolás -que éste era el nombre del barbero-, que muchas veces le aconteció a mi señor tío estarse leyendo en estos desalmados libros de desventuras dos días con sus noches, al cabo de los cuales, arrojaba el libro de las manos, y ponía mano a la espada y andaba a cuchilladas con las paredes; y cuando estaba muy cansado, decía que había muerto a cuatro gigantes como cuatro torres, y el sudor que sudaba del cansancio decía que era sangre de las feridas que había recebido en la batalla; y bebíase luego un gran jarro de agua fría, y quedaba sano y sosegado, diciendo que aquella agua era una preciosísima bebida que le había traído el sabio Esquife, un grande encantador y amigo suyo.
"You must know, Master Nicholas"—for that was the name of the barber—"it was often my uncle's way to stay two days and nights together poring over these unholy books of misventures, after which he would fling the book away and snatch up his sword and fall to slashing the walls; and when he was tired out he would say he had killed four giants like four towers; and the sweat that flowed from him when he was weary he said was the blood of the wounds he had received in battle; and then he would drink a great jug of cold water and become calm and quiet, saying that this water was a most precious potion which the sage Esquife, a great magician and friend of his, had brought him.
No es segador que duerme las siestas, que a todas horas siega, y corta así la seca como la verde yerba; y no parece que masca, sino que engulle y traga cuanto se le pone delante, porque tiene hambre canina, que nunca se harta; y, aunque no tiene barriga, da a entender que está hidrópica y sedienta de beber solas las vidas de cuantos viven, como quien se bebe un jarro de agua fría.
She is no reaper that sleeps out the noontide; at all times she is reaping and cutting down, as well the dry grass as the green; she never seems to chew, but bolts and swallows all that is put before her, for she has a canine appetite that is never satisfied; and though she has no belly, she shows she has a dropsy and is athirst to drink the lives of all that live, as one would drink a jug of cold water."
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