Levin olvidó la reciente impresión desagradable y, a solas con Kitty, el recuerdo de cuyo estado no le abandonaba jamás, experimentó una vez más el sentimiento, alegre y puro, de hallarse próximo a la mujer querida.
He had already forgotten that momentarily unpleasant impression, and being alone with her experienced, now that the thought of her pregnancy never left him, a feeling still novel and joyful to him of pleasure, entirely free from sensuality, at the nearness of a beloved woman.
Los músicos deben llevar sus instrumentos, y el ambiente debe ser alegre y positivo.
Musicians should bring instruments, and the atmosphere should be joyful and positive.
Pero aquella sonrisa alegre le recordó de pronto su situación, y se puso serio y reflexionó.
But that joyful smile at once brought everything back to his mind, and he grew thoughtful.
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