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jumping translated to Catalan

Així és que ana cap a l'escarabat i comença de bell nou a atacar-lo cautelosament, saltant envers ell de cada punt d'un cercle, aturant les potes a una polsada de la bestiola, pegant-hi embranzides encara més proximes amb el dentat, i dant estrebades amb el cap, fins que les seves orelles tornaren a vibrar.
So he went to the beetle and began a wary attack on it again; jumping at it from every point of a circle, lighting with his fore-paws within an inch of the creature, making even closer snatches at it with his teeth, and jerking his head till his ears flapped again.
Un moment després, ja era fora, i engegant-se com un indi, udolant, rient, empaitant minyons, saltant per damunt el clos amb perill de la vida i el coll, fent capgirells amb la ma en terra, sostenint-se damunt el cap, acoblant totes les fetes heroiques que pogué imaginar, i mirant de cua d'ull, tota l'estona, per veure si Becky Thatcher n'havia esment.
The next instant he was out, and "going on" like an Indian; yelling, laughing, chasing boys, jumping over the fence at risk of life and limb, throwing handsprings, standing on his head--doing all the heroic things he could conceive of, and keeping a furtive eye out, all the while, to see if Becky Thatcher was noticing.









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