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Integrated Zendesk Language Translation App

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How it Works

1. Agent receives ticket in customer’s language
2. Ticket is instantly machine translated to agent’s language
3. Agent responds via Internal Note with keyword #translate
4. Response is professionally translated and sent to customer


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Increase Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores by communicating in customers’ native languages.

Accurate Human Translations

Receive high quality translations from the most experienced native speakers.

Supports Multiple Agents’s Zendesk app allows multiple agents to work simultaneously with ease.

Reduced Costs

Eliminate the cost of adding multilingual resources to your support team.

Centralized Translations

Communicate effortlessly with global customers through one central location.

Seamless Integration

Download and authorize the app directly from your Zendesk account.

To interact with customers and solve their tickets, more than 5000 companies, including Uber, Pinterest, Slack, Shopify, and Twitter, rely on Zendesk.

The biggest customer interaction and retention trend among the leading global companies is offering multilingual customer support by well-trained support agents using automated and semi-automated translations.

In 2021, automatic translations are picking up business momentum. Customers want to communicate with a brand and receive professional customer service in their native language. According to recent data, over 75% of customers are more likely to return if support is in their own language.

So does it mean that you have to spend money on building a costly multilingual customer support team?

Zendesk Translation Integration Reduces Multilingual Support Costs

Any global company receives and processes hundreds of customer requests in different languages daily. If support is localized in their own language, customers are more likely to use your product again.

However, finding and training bilingual or multilingual agents is the biggest challenge for most companies.

The Translate Zendesk app empowers a single customer support agent to handle customer requests in different languages, fostering respect and trust between your customers and your brand.

With the help of the Zendesk ticket translation plugin from, your customers’ incoming messages will be translated automatically. To ensure a response from your agents is as adequate as possible, it will be translated by a human. In general, a monolingual agent can reply to a customer’s request sent in any of the 90+ supported languages within less than one hour. Prices start from only 0,025$ per word.’s Zendesk translation app helps build lasting relationships with your customers, communicating in their own language. Whenever your support reps receive a new ticket, they’re able to receive automatic translations of the incoming messages, as well as generate an adequate, prompt reply.

Zendesk Translation App Fosters Cutting-edge Customer Support

Over 60% of people can’t tell a translated message from a native speaker’s message in chat, making’s Zendesk translation API the next big thing for your company to explore.’s customer support tickets translation integrates seamlessly with the Zendesk platform. It will help you understand the needs of your global customers and give a helpful response in their own language quickly.

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