Our Process

Machine translation and human editors come together to provide you with the most accurate translation

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Easy to Use

Translate.com is the leading self-serve language platform. Access an entire suite of technology solutions by subscribing to a package that caters to your organization’s needs. Customers will experience dynamic translation solutions with a focus on simplicity, reduced cost, and an enhanced customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Translate.com’s inhouse, state-of-the-art AI solution, offers users an accelerated time to market for multilingual content. Customers utilizing Translate.com’s AI will experience rapid translations of source text for the first pass of our innovative process.

Human Translators/Editors

Translate.com’s team of professionally vetted translators encompasses a global community of linguists to provide high quality content delivered directly to customers. With an elite staff of editors, all orders undergo a round of Translate.com’s AI technology in addition to copy editing to ensure each order is seen by human eyes.

Quality Assurance Proofreading

All Translate.com orders undergo a final editing phase provided by a team of highly trained QA Professionals. Comprised of only the most experienced translators, these translators are responsible for driving the highest quality standards for our global customers. Translate.com’s QA Proofreaders provide an extensive analysis of content before submitting for return to customers.