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Brown Sugar Translated To Tamil


Brown sugar


1. பிரவுன் சர்க்கரை

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In Other Languages

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in Arabic

سكر بني

in Danish

Brun farin

in German

Brauner Zucker

in Spanish

Azúcar Moreno

in Finnish


in French


in Hindi

ब्राउन शुगर

in Indonesian

Gula merah

in Icelandic


in Italian

Zucchero di canna

in Khmer


in Malay

Gula perang

in Dutch

Bruine suiker

in Portuguese

Açucar mascavo

in Romanian

Zaharul brun

in Slovenian

Rjavi sladkor

in Swedish

Brunt socker

in Turkish

Kahverengi şeker

in Urdu

براؤن شوگر

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