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Show Me Your Penis Translated To Spanish


Show me your penis


1. Enséñame tu pene

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in Afrikaans

Wys my jou penis

in Arabic

وتبين لي القضيب الخاص بك

in French

Montrez-moi votre pénis

in Icelandic

Sýndu mér getnaðarlim þinn

in Italian

Mostrami il tuo pene

in Japanese


in Georgian

მაჩვენეთ თქვენი penis

in Malay

Tunjukkan zakar anda

in Portuguese

Mostre-me seu pênis

in Filipino

Pakita ko ng iyong titi

in Turkish

Bana penisini göster

in Urdu

مجھے اپنے عضو تناسل نمایش کریں

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