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Peace Be With You Translated To Spanish


peace be with you


1. la paz sea con usted

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In Other Languages

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in Afrikaans

vrede sy met julle

in Arabic

السلام يكون معكم

in Bengali

তুমি শান্তিতে থাক

in Cebuano

sa kalinaw magauban kaninyo

in Welsh

fod heddwch gyda chi

in Danish

fred være med dig

in German

Friede sei mit euch

in Greek

Eιρήνη σε σένα

in Esperanto

estu paco kun vi

in Persian

درود با شما

in French

que la paix soit avec vous

in Irish

tsíocháin a bheith in éineacht leat

in Scots Gaelic

sìth maille ribh

in Galician

a paz estea contigo

in Gujarati

શાંતિ તમારી સાથે હોવું

in Hausa

zaman lafiya ya kasance da ku

in Hindi

शांति तुम साथ हो

in Croatian

mir s tobom

in Hungarian

béke legyen veled

in Indonesian

damai menyertaimu

in Italian

la pace sia con voi

in Hebrew

שתהיה לך שלווה

in Japanese


in Georgian

მშვიდობა იყოს თქვენთან ერთად

in Latin

pax tibi

in Maori

kia mau te rongo ki a koutou

in Malay

SAW dengan anda

in Dutch

vrede zij met u

in Norwegian

fred være med dere

in Polish

Pokój niech będzie z wami

in Portuguese

a paz esteja com você

in Romanian

pacea fie cu tine

in Somali

nabaddu wuu idinla joogi

in Albanian

paqja qoft me ty

in Swedish

frid vare med dig

in Swahili

Amani kwenu

in Filipino

sumaiyo ang kapayapaan

in Klingon


in Turkish

barış seninle olsun

in Urdu

امن آپ کے ساتھ ہو ۔

in Vietnamese

hòa bình với bạn

in Yiddish

שלום זייַן מיט איר

in Chinese (Simplified)


in Zulu

ukuthula makube nawe

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