Website Localization 101

Website Localization 101

Part 1. Benefits of a Global Audience

More Traffic

Over half of all Google searches are in languages other than English. Search engines see that your website is available in other languages and start offering it to users who speak those languages.

More Engagement

When given the choice, 90% of Internet users in the EU report that they will always choose to visit the site in their own language.

More Conversions

Speaking the language of your potential customers is a huge advantage: 85% of all consumers refuse to make a purchase if information is not readily available in their native language.

Part 2. Methods for Translating a Website

Website Localizer Best method’s Website Localizer translates your existing text and watches for any future updates.

Automatically detects visitor language settings (more accurate than their IP location) and translates your website.

Customizable, mobile-friendly widget optionally gives your users even more language control.

Manage and refine your translations through your portal. Boost your SEO with professional human translations at the click of a button.

Easy install on any website: Use one of our many platform plugins, or copy and paste one line into your HTML. Our blazing-fast servers send your customized translations directly to your users.

Your website Your website's servers
Alternative Method

DNS Redirect

Some translation services put themselves between you and your customers, so if their servers go down, you go down.

Alternative Method

Server API Call

Translations can also be loaded into your servers and sent to users from there, but this method is labor-intensive and much more complex to maintain.

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Part 3. The Human Advantage

Truly global search engine optimization requires professional human translation. Purely machine-translated text is recognized by search engines and is not rewarded. Your customers can definitely tell the difference.

That’s why with us, machine translation is just the beginning - it’s followed by post-machine editing by our growing network of over 30,000 professional translators from around the world, available 24/7. Our highest-tier translators then perform detailed quality checks on all your site’s phrases, building our reputation of unrivaled accuracy.

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Automatic Translation AI
Post-Machine Editors
Quality Assurance
New Content
Translations Published!

Professional human translation is the only truly effective way to expand your site to a global audience. No one makes this as easy and seamless as

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