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Such Is Life Translated To Latin


Such is life


1. Talis est vita,

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in Afrikaans

So is die lewe

in Spanish

Así es la vida

in Persian

چنین زندگی است

in French

Telle est la vie

in Irish

Sin é an saol

in Hindi

ऐसी जिंदगी है

in Hungarian

Ilyen az élet

in Indonesian

Seperti itulah hidup

in Italian

Così è la vita

in Hebrew

אלו החיים

in Lithuanian

Toks gyvenimas

in Dutch

Zo is het leven

in Norwegian

Slik er livet

in Polish

Takie jest życie

in Portuguese

Assim é a vida

in Albanian

E till është jeta

in Vietnamese

Đó là cuộc sống

in Chinese (Simplified)


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