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Such Is Life Translated To Latin


Such is life


1. Talis vita est

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in Afrikaans

So is die lewe

in Arabic

هذه هي الحياة

in German

So ist das Leben

in Spanish

Así es la vida

in Persian

چنین زندگی است

in French

Telle est la vie

in Irish

Sin é an saol

in Hindi

ऐसी जिंदगी है

in Croatian

Takav je život

in Hungarian

Ilyen az élet

in Indonesian

Itulah hidup

in Icelandic

Svona er lífið

in Italian

Così è la vita

in Hebrew

אלו החיים

in Lithuanian

Toks gyvenimas

in Malay

Itu adalah kehidupan

in Dutch

Zo is het leven

in Norwegian

Slik er livet

in Polish

Takie jest życie

in Portuguese

Assim é a vida

in Romanian

Cum este viata

in Albanian

E till është jeta

in Vietnamese

Đó là cuộc sống

in Chinese (Simplified)


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