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The Philippine Bill Of 1902, Or The Cooper Act Of July 1, 1902, Provided For The Retention Of Executive… Translated To Filipino


The Philippine Bill of 1902, or the Cooper Act of July 1, 1902, provided for the retention of executive powers of the Philippine Commission and the establishment of a bicameral Philippine Legislature.


1. On july 1 1902,cooper act otherwise known as "philippine bill of 1902" was was sponsored by representative henry a. Cooper of wisconsin,it was the first organic law for the philippines enected by the united states congress.

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2. Ang Philippine Bill ng 1902, o ang Cooper Batas ng Hulyo 1, 1902, ibinigay para sa pagpapanatili ng ehekutibong kapangyarihan ng Philippine Commission at ang pagtatatag ng isang bicameral Philippine Lehislatura.

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