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1. ghyt

By ikui

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3. I'm pretty impressed with this dishwasher. We chose it because of the good energy and water rating (4 & 5 respectively) for the price. It's also musical; it plays little tunes at the start and end of the cycle. Initially, I was a bit wary of the cutlery tray, but it's not a big deal and the cutlery seems just as clean as if we were to use a basket. Be aware that the wash cycles take a fair chunk of time; we use the 87min cycle. You'll need to open the door of the dishwasher when it's done to let the steam out so the dishes dry, otherwise the water will just condense in the machine and drip back onto the dishes. Also, don't forget to rinse your dishes before you put them in. As long as you remember to do those 2 things, this dishwasher should work fine! One other thing to be careful of is how big your dishes are. I don't know if we have especially large dinner plates, but we need to fill the dishwasher a certain way so that the plates don't interfere with the water sprayer. Purchased at: Appliances Online

By Vahid

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