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Ad Rivum Eundem Lupus Et Agnus Venerant, Siti Compulsi. Superior Stabat Lupus, Longeque Inferior Agnus.… Translated To English


Ad rivum eundem lupus et agnus venerant, siti compulsi. Superior stabat lupus, longeque inferior agnus. Tunc fauce improba latro incitatus iurgii causam intulit; 'Cur' inquit 'turbulentam fecisti mihi aquam bibenti?' Laniger contra timens 'Qui possum, quaeso, facere quod quereris, lupe? A te decurrit ad meos haustus liquor'. Repulsus ille veritatis viribus 'Ante hos sex menses male' ait 'dixisti mihi'. Respondit agnus 'Equidem natus non eram'. 'Pater hercle tuus' ille inquit 'male dixit mihi'; atque ita correptum lacerat iniusta nece.


1. To the river of the same: the wolf and the lamb they had advanced, compelled by thirst. Superior was a wolf, and far lower than the lamb. Then, inspired by a vicious jaws quarrels brought the case; "Why," says he, "a turbulent water drinking have done to me?" Woolly against the fears that I can ask you, what do you complain, wolf? You ran down my draft of liquor. " Though repulsed the forces of truth, he 'ill-six months before these' he said, 'you have said to me. " Lamb said, "For my part, I was not born." "Father, by my faith, Your father, he said he's evil said to me '; and torn to shreds so unjust murder.

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