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1. % 3dEN-US% 26lc% 3d1033% 26id% 3d2 & id = 64855 & cbcxt = mai & snsc = 1 & bk = 1364728309 & uiflavor = web dhe MKT = EN-US & LC = 1033 & lic = 1 #

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2. fix my information the info you have is over 2 years old I do not have the phone number ending in 51 any more; no longer with time warner cable now with AT&T that phone number is 803-569-6848 my email has always been derapsdavid@ you ask me to set up a new one using derapsdavid@ can't enter with out a now just what do you suggest I do now

By David Deraps

3. how do you expect me to use this when it does not move or do any thing give me A PHONE number so that I can talk to an American and explain my problem to him

By David Deraps

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