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Ask for a Translation


A Guest asked:

COMPLETE! MSP Name: MSP Password: Email: How Diamonds are you? How many coins you want? How long vip are you? Want to Judge / Celeb? Judge, YES. Judge, NO. Celeb YES. Celeb, NO Celeb & Judge, YES. Already have VIP? YES NO How many fame you want erbij?

Afrikaans Guest was given:

Voltooi! MSP Naam: MSP Wagwoord: E-pos: Hoe Diamonds is jy? Hoeveel muntstukke wat jy wil hê? Hoe lank VIP is jy? Wil / Celeb te oordeel? Regter, ja. Regter, NR. Celeb JA. Celeb, GEEN Celeb & Regter, ja. Reeds VIP? JA NEE Hoeveel roem jy wil aangesluit?

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