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Keisha Jones, Nashville ,Tennesee 1995, Fell Asleep While Watching Television And Mother Heard Gunshot And Scream, Found Next Morning Lying On The Floor -Omar Wilkionsin,Miwaukee ,Wisconsin 2002, Reading A Book To Go To Bed And Was Shot And Stabbed... [52] Translated to Greek

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December 24, 2012, 7:51 am

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"Keisha Jones, Nashville ,Tennesee 1995, fell asleep while watching television and mother heard gunshot and scream, found next morning lying on the floor -Omar Wilkionsin,Miwaukee ,Wisconsin 2002, reading a book to go to bed and was shot and stabbed... [52]"

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"Keisha Jones, Nashville, Tennessee το 1995, ενώ ο ύπνος μπροστά στην τηλεόραση και η μητέρα άκουσε πυροβολισμούς και κραυγή, βρέθηκε το επόμενο πρωί στο πάτωμα-Omar Wilkionsin, Miwaukee, Wisconsin το 2002, διαβάζοντας ένα βιβλίο για να πάει στο κρεβάτι και πυροβολήθηκε και μαχαιρώθηκε .. . [52]"

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